Assured connectivity and compatibility for on the move, distant operations

Thuraya IP

Delivers broadband IP services up to 444 kbps and advanced video streaming up to 384 kbps using a highly compact, ultra-lightweight terminal. With multiple performance options to suit a variety of operational requirements for government, military and humanitarian personnel, the service offers assured connectivity, and compatibility with military networks (SIPERNET, NIPERNet, Rli, Sli). For COTM, a range of optional antennas that mount on any vehicle enable government users to stay connected in complex operations and environments, allowing them to send and receive data, and file reports.

Key Benefits:
  • Broadband data: IP service at speeds of up to 444 kbps
  • Advanced streaming IP capacity from 16 kbps to 384 kbps
  • Cost-effective: competitively priced compared to existing broadband data services
  • Portability: A5-sized satellite terminal
  • Our solutions: unrivaled value-added services to complement the basic satellite connectivity

Thuraya Satellite Handhelds

Thuraya satellite handsets are an ideal solution for government users and military personnel on the move, operating remotely in locations with limited access to traditional connectivity. Thuraya XT and XT-DUAL handsets are easy to use, seamless, and cost-efficient, providing coverage in more than 140 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Key Benefits:
  • All-in-one smart phone: Integrates satellite, GSM, GmPRS and GPS for voice, fax, data and SMS messaging
  • Thuraya XT-DUAL also features tri-band GSM
  • Continuous Internet connectivity: speeds of up to 60 kbps for web browsing, email, FTP, etc
  • IP64/IK03 and IP54/IK03 ingress protection rating: splash water, dust and shock proof
  • Waypoint navigation, emergency SMS and tracking capability

Thuraya SatSleeve

Satellite adaptor for Apple iPhone enables always on-connection with automatic switching from GSM to satellite mode over the Thuraya network.

Key Benefits:
  • Coverage: keep in touch in remote areas thanks to Thuraya satellite connectivity
  • Large range of compatible smartphones: iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5
  • User-friendliness: simply download the free SatSleeve application from the App Store or Google Play, dock your smartphone into the SatSleeve and enjoy phone calls and SMS, access to email, instant messaging and social media in satellite mode
  • Reliability: always on-connection with automatic switching from GSM to satellite mode over Thuraya’s network
  • Safety features with the Emergency Call button
  • Powerful: extend the battery life of your smartphone with the provided built-in battery pack (iPhone only)
  • Flexibility: integrate your smartphone address book
  • Cost-effective Fixed2Mobile calling: using SatelliteDirect®, place calls from your iPhone to any mobile satellite terminal at a price more affordable than standard landline charges
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