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Comsat brings over 40 years of experience in the Satellite Earth Station and Teleport industry during which it has demonstrated a high availability and premium quality of service as well as on-schedule performance. Comsat is also a fully licensed US Common Carrier.

The Southbury teleport is located on the East Coast, about 60 miles north of New York City. The Santa Paula teleport is located 90 miles north of Los Angeles on the West Coast. Each teleport has operated continuously for more than 40 years and both were built to high standards for providing life and safety services, along with a host of satellite system platforms from metrological data gathering to advanced navigation systems. As such, they are secure facilities connected to multiple terrestrial fiber networks and act as backup for each other through both terrestrial and satellite transmission pathways. Both facilities are data centers equipped with advanced satellite antennas and equipment backed up with automated and redundant electrical power sources, redundant HVAC systems, automatic fire detection and suppression systems, security systems and 24/7/365 network operations centers. The teleports are critical links in delivering the complete connectivity chain.

In addition to growing the teleports’ capabilities through technological advancements, COMSAT is now a part of the Satcom Direct (SD) family of companies, which further expands its offerings. COMSAT, with the SD Data Center, has been working to provide secure, comprehensive, integrated connectivity solutions to help organizations stay connected, no matter the environment or circumstances. COMSAT’s teleports, a critical component in this process, have evolved to keep pace with changing communication needs in any situation.

COMSAT’s Teleports house SD Data Center Equipment and Services which brings enterprise-level cybersecurity capabilities to data transmissions in the air, on the ground and over water. The SD Data Center also provides industry compliant data center solutions, and business continuity planning for numerous industries including healthcare, education, financial, military, government and technology.

Teleport Locations

In the United States

Southbury, Connecticut Teleport
Located 60 miles north of New York City
24/7 manned operations
C, Ka and Ku-band Antennas
View Arc: 1W to 144W


Santa Paula, California Teleport
Located 90 miles north of Los Angeles
24/7 manned operation
C and Ku-band Antennas
View Arc: 50W to 169W

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COMSAT Teleports Brochure
COMSAT Teleports Brochure
When Disaster Strikes
When Disaster Strikes