SlingShot® is a small lightweight and cost-effective solution that enables BLOS COTM using in-service tactical radios via a global commercial satellite network provider.

BLOS COTM – Beyond Line of Sight Communications On The Move

SlingShot is unique as a BLOS solution in that it also delivers robust Communications on the Move. It can create a secure tactical net between dismounted units and fast moving land vehicles, boats and aircraft.

Command & Control Communications

Effective Command & Control of tactical units needs secure BLOS COTM between all units across all agencies. Only SlingShot can deliver such capability.


Once SlingShot enabled, UHF and VHF in-service tactical radios can form one net via a commercial satellite provider to deliver BLOS COTM. This can be done securely if the radios are sharing the same cryptography, or in clear when that is not possible.

Features and Benefits

  • Voice & Data BLOS COTM using in-service tactical radios
  • Radio agnostic and transparent
  • Low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power)
  • Dedicated satellite bandwidth
  • High availability
  • Interoperability
  • Cost-effective with no need for ground or air repeaters
  • Straightforward with no reequipping and re-training

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