Maritime Satellite Services

Delivering secure, reliable maritime communications services.

COMSAT partners with Inmarsat, Iridium and Intelsat to deliver secure, reliable maritime communications services that connect all types of government vessel – from coastguard patrol boats to aircraft carriers – with each other and shore-based command and coordination centers for voice, data and video applications anywhere in the world.

Inmarsat Global Xpress

Seamless global wideband service

Global Xpress offers continuous Ka-band service which can be integrated to augment existing government platforms or used as a standalone solution. Steerable spot beams target capacity where needed for consistent, reliable performance; and optional failover to FleetBroadband L-band assures availability in all weather conditions.

Global Xpress delivers multi-megabit data rates that support voice, data and video applications for naval operations and welfare communications; and a wide range of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf terminals are available. Service plans include a choice of Committed and Maximum Information Rates with flexible contact lengths.

COMSAT’s private terrestrial infrastructure is directly connected to Inmarsat’s satellite ground stations for Global Xpress to deliver secure, end-to-end global connectivity for customer traffic.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Global voice and broadband service

FleetBroadband offers dependable global voice and broadband data connectivity over the Inmarsat L-band network. Capabilities include simultaneous voice and standard IP data up to 432 kbps for web browsing and email, real-time electronic charts and weather reporting; streaming IP up to 256 kbps for live video applications; up to nine voice lines from a single satellite terminal; GSM calls and texts over a mobile phone with FB250 and FB500 terminals; and emergency calling. FleetBroadband is also compatible with IP, voice and ISDN encryption equipment, and supports discrete operations with GPS-free features.

Inmarsat FleetOne

Voice and narrowband data

FleetOne offers reliable voice and narrowband data connectivity for vessels sailing outside VHF or GSM coverage. It’s ideal for patrol boats and emergency response vessels operating in coastal waters for voice calls, email, chart and weather updates.

Iridium Certus

Fully global broadband service

The Iridium Certus L-band network of meshed LEO satellites is designed for high reliability and low latency. With standard IP data speeds up to 704 kbps download and 352 kbps upload, it supports voice calls, email, internet access, video streaming, file and IoT data transfer. Iridium Certus is ideal as a failover for higher-bandwidth maritime communications services within multi-band deployments. The network is also backwards compatible with existing Iridium devices and terminals.

COMSAT Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS)

COMSAT has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide Certus services to all Department of Defense (DoD) EMSS users. This includes discounted pricing, SIM cards and airtime through the DISA Storefront or COMSAT directly; and 24/7 NOC staffed by security-cleared personnel in the US. Global EMSS IP and voice traffic is routed through a segregated network accessible only by EMSS users.

Intelsat FlexMaritime

Global high-throughput satellite services

FlexMaritime provides global, high-throughput Ku-band spot beams over the Intelsat EPIC network, for data-intensive applications, such as high definition full-motion video, using compact antennas. The platform’s multi-spot beam technology also enables enhanced anti-jam and interference mitigation, for secure and resilient communications.

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