COMSAT WiSL® (Wideband Streaming L-Band) is available for various US Government aero and maritime platforms.  It utilizes Inmarsat’s L-band satellite network and augments existing SB/FB terminals allowing return datalink up to 2.8Mpbs.  This enables government programs to significantly reduce spending by re-using existing installed satcom equipment.  WiSL® allow tripling, and sometimes quadrupling, the throughput and capacity of the original Inmarsat L-band satellite networks.

The WiSL® solution enhances the original functionality of the terminals, as it provides a dedicated high data rate communications link from a vehicle, maritime vessel or fixed-wing aircraft, fitted with an Inmarsat type-approved high-gain L-band terminal and antenna for each platform.  The VSAT (very small aperture terminal) terminal and antenna is as small as 10×10 inches and weighs as little as 4.3 pounds.

WiSL® capability is enhanced with a COMSAT modem that injects a single channel per carrier (SCPC) signal through a high-gain antenna.  The high throughput is achieved over a dedicated satellite service and remote management and allows the user to monitor and control satellite access. Operational beams can be built as clusters of narrow beams or custom-shaped beams. The system uses commonly available commercial equipment and provides global deployment capabilities across the existing Inmarsat constellation.

WiSL® is a unique solution that meets high-demand ISR needs for higher throughputs from smaller form factor antennas. The solution is managed and operated by COMSAT’s two fully-staffed network operations centers (NOCs) located in Southbury, CT and Santa Paula, CA. The COMSAT NOCs operate on a 24/7/365 basis and provide continuous monitoring and service to fielded systems worldwide.