COMSAT SlingShot® is a proprietary tactical radio utilizing L-band Inmarsat satellite services.  It is designed to be a lightweight, small form factor, cost-effective solution enabling BLOS (below line of sight) COTM (communications on the move).  Effective command and control of tactical units require secure BLOS COTM between all units, across all agencies.

SlingShot® creates a tactical net between dismounted units and fast moving vehicles- on the land, in the air or on the sea.  Once SlingShot® has been enabled, UHF and VHF in-service tactical radios can form one net via a commercial satellite provider to deliver BLOS COTM.  If the radios are set up to share the same cryptography, the communications are always secure.

SlingShot® features:

  • Voice and Data
  • Radio agnostic and transparent
  • Minimal size, weight and power
  • Dedicated satellite bandwidth
  • No need for ground or air repeaters