DirectDial is a Comsat service that allows a user to place a call from anywhere in the world to any satellite terminal- at a cost effective price!  It is available for Inmarsat BGAN, Fleet, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband, Iridium Certus and Thuraya.

Using DirectDial is simple- Customers of DirectDial simply need to register with COMSAT.  Users benefit from direct global calling at affordable rates via the COMSAT Land Earth Station (LES) which automatically locates the Inmarsat mobile terminal using Inmarsat’s mobility management system.  For services not support by the Inmarsat mobility management system, our LES network employs a proprietary mobility management scheme that can locate a mobile terminal in any ocean region.

When a DirectDial℠ call is placed, Calling Line Identification allows COMSAT to recognize the telephone number and connect the call without the user’s 10-digit PIN code if registered. If the user’s telephone number cannot be determined by CLI, then the PIN code must be entered to complete the call.

The Quick Number dialing feature allows users to place a DirectDial℠ call without having to dial the mobile number. Registered users can input up to 99,999 Quick Numbers. The Quick Number list is defined and controlled by the user.