COMSAT DataWave™ is a highly customizable VSAT solution offering nearly virtually worldwide coverage for commercial maritime, recreational boating, and yachting.  Plans can vary from as little as 1GB plans for those that consume minimal data and are cost sensitive.

Allowance plans can be allotted to 80GB (per month) and feature data speeds to 6Mbps.  If you exceed the allowance plan, DataWave has a built in one-time allowance plan that can be purchased for 1-20GB.  The DataWave Flex plan is designed for consumers that do not require full time service.  It can be purchased on a seasonal basis for durations as short as 3 months per year.  The Flex plan can also be easily changed for variations in bandwidth demand, coverage regions or time needed.  The DataWave plans work with a variety of VSAT (very small aperture terminals) equipment.