Military Government Applications

Improve mission efficiency and effectiveness.

With secure, assured global access to the networks, applications and data that are critical.


Maintain continual contact with vehicles, vessels, aircraft, UAVs and dismounted personnel anywhere in the world via secure, beyond-line-of-sight communications for voice, data and video.

Command and Control (C2)

Maintain tactical communications with armed forces in theatre with resilient, secure, interoperable connectivity across land, sea and air.


Achieve information superiority with the real-time transfer of data, images and full-motion video by manned or unmanned aircraft, vessels and vehicles, between combat zones and command centers anywhere in the world.

Blue Force Tracking

Track tactical units to maintain real-time situational awareness in rapidly changing conditions, improve command and control, mission safety and efficiency.

Theatre Backhaul

Maintain constant connectivity between combat zones and command centers via high-bandwidth satellite links, complemented by tactical radios. 

Logistics and Supply Chain

Monitor supplies in real-time on land, at sea and in the air, from the point of origin to storage at destination with IoT solutions that enable timely provision and streamlined operations for improved mission efficiency.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Enable serving personnel to keep in touch with home, access the internet and entertainment services with dedicated communications that allow the secure use of personal devices without impacting bandwidth required for mission operations. 

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