Civilian Government Applications

Protect citizens, the environment and deliver essential public services.

With secure, reliable access to the networks, applications and data that are mission critical.

First Response

Connect first response teams on the ground, on vessels and in aircraft with each other and coordination centers when terrestrial networks are unavailable. Share real-time information by voice, messaging, email, internet and live video using quickly deployable satellite devices to help speed up response and save lives.

Border Security

Connect remote border outposts, patrol vessels and aircraft to government agencies for immigration and customs control, security checks and general operations. Monitor remote unmanned borders with UAVs and video surveillance.


Maintain continual contact with personnel on the move or at a fixed location anywhere in the world via secure voice, data and video.

Environment and Agriculture

Monitor key environmental data to mitigate disasters, extreme weather events and improve preparedness.

Diplomatic Services

Connect overseas embassies and representatives to government networks with secure satellite links that bypass local networks. Monitor sites for physical security breaches with remote video surveillance.

Head of State

Stay connected by voice call, email, internet access and videoconferencing to always keep abreast of developments – in the air, at sea and on the road. Enhance VIP security in remote locations with vehicle tracking and emergency communications.

Critical Infrastructure

Connect remote operations without reliable terrestrial communications. Monitor and control remote assets to enhance operational efficiency, security and public safety. Implement back-up communications for operational continuity and disaster recovery.

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