COMSAT DirectDial℠ Plus

DirectDial℠ Plus allows users to place calls directly to mobile satellite terminals

located anywhere in the world

DirectDial℠ Plus allows users to place calls directly to mobile satellite terminals located anywhere in the world by simply dialing a pre-assigned terrestrial number. DirectDial℠ Plus increases cost efficiencies for calls placed to registered satellite terminals from a fixed or wireless location.

Satellite Calls from Any Fixed or Wireless Line

  • Easy single-stage access dialing using a 10-digit US telephone number
  • Allows calls to a satellite terminal or SIM card from terrestrial and wireless networks world-wide
  • Supports the following call types:
    – High quality and low-speed voice
    – 3.1 kHz Audio used for STU- IIB, fax and low-speed data
    – Unrestricted Digital Interface (UDI) Data used for Mobile ISDN high-speed data or Secure Terminal Equipment (STE)
  • Available for Inmarsat BGAN, Fleet, Swift, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband, and other aeronautical services as well as FleetPhone, and IsatPhone Pro. DirectDial℠ Plus is also available for Iridium and Thuraya services
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)-based access restriction available

Mobility Management

Our global teleport network automatically locates the Inmarsat mobile terminal using Inmarsat’s mobility management system. For services that are not supported by Inmarsat’s mobility management system (i.e., Inmarsat aeronautical services other than Swift and SwiftBroadband), our teleport network employs a proprietary mobility management scheme that can locate a mobile terminal in any ocean region.

How to Get Started

To get started using DirectDial℠ Plus, follow these two easy steps:

1. Register for DirectDial℠ Plus by completing a COMSAT Subscription Form, including a list of the mobile number(s) to be designated to receive calls.

2. Our Customer Care will send an e-mail notification confirming that the registration procedure is complete, assigning the new DirectDial℠ Plus number(s) and providing user instructions

For more information about DirectDial℠ Plus, contact your key account manager.

Key Benefits

  • Easy dialing – place calls to mobile satellite terminals and SIM cards without a PIN code
  • Flexible – works from any fixed or wireless line network in the world
  • Versatile – supports a range of call types
  • Cost-effective – low monthly subscription charge
  • Intelligent – automatically locates a mobile terminal using our Mobility Management Service

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COMSAT DirectDial Plus
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