One of the world’s largest providers offering broadband connectivity, multi-format video broadcasting and secure satellite communications.  With over 50 satellites and teleports, Intelsat provides an extensive and secure network.  COMSAT is an authorized master distributor of FlexAir, providing HTS (high throughput satellite) connectivity for government aircraft via the Intelsat Epic next-generation technology.   For non-government aircraft, COMSAT is proud to offer FlexExec, uniquely designed to support business aviation.   FlexExec is not shared with commercial aviation or consumer broadband customers, meaning that business jets passengers will always have consistent, on-demand global connectivity.


Global Ku-band HTS technology network

FlexAir is designed to provide an affordable, flexible and secure way to stay connected specifically for government aircraft.  Developed by Intelsat General, FlexAir leverages the Intelsat Epic HTS technology which is fully integrated with the existing Intelsat satellite fleet and global IntelsatOne terrestrial infrastructure.  FlexAir offers resiliency and productivity always.

FlexAir provides a multitude of benefits in a single, powerful platform:

• Higher performance and efficiency with lower cost per bit
• Antenna flexibility for choice in antenna manufacturers
• High-throughput optimized for smaller terminals at higher data rates
• Enhanced interference mitigation due to spot-beam technology, diversity and our advanced digital payload


Purpose-Built Inflight Connectivity for Business Aviation

The coverage of FlexExec is specifically engineered to cover high traffic routes with High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Ku-band coverage, with layers of wide beam capacity for added resiliency and redundancy. FlexExec allows for maximum flexibility, efficient use of bandwidth, and managed services which are critical when routes and passenger requirements shift unexpectedly. The open architecture design of FlexExec allows Comsat, and sister company Satcom Direct, to analyze network demand and usage to ensure that capacity is available, with the ability to add additional capacity as necessary.

Benefits of FlexExec:

• Speeds up to 10Mbps supporting streaming video, cloud-based services, email, voice and text
• Redundancy provided via wide beam and HTS coverage
• Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities from SD Support
• Capacity fully committed to business aviation
• Flexible service plans tailored to your needs