COMSAT is pleased to provide multiple services and products from Inmarsat. For over four decades, Inmarsat has been the pioneer and leader in global, mobile satellite communications, serving users on land, at sea and in the air.


Inmarsat Global Xpress®

Specifically designed to complement government Ka-band networks and operating on a geostationary satellite constellation, Inmarsat Global Xpress is the world’s first and only globally available high-throughput wideband service delivered via a commercial Ka-band satellite network. The constellation of four Inmarsat-5 satellites provides secure, seamless and consistent connectivity to both mobile and fixed users. As an Inmarsat appointed Tier 1 Global Xpress Value Added Reseller, COMSAT offers Global Xpress subscription services to government and military users. Our terrestrial network includes Points of Presence (PoPs) in Amsterdam, New York City, and Sydney, Australia for direct connectivity to the Global Xpress network. Global Xpress service is compatible with Inmarsat-type approved Global Xpress terminals. With a broad variety of terminals for all markets in both commercial and military form factors, Global Xpress user terminals are compact, easy to use, and affordable.

Global Xpress subscription service through COMSAT offers:

  • Service plans for Committed Information Rates (CIR) and Maximum Information Rates (MIR)
  • Fixed monthly pricing for budgetary control

Global Xpress supports bandwidth-intensive government mobile solutions including:

  • Special Operations
  • Command and Control (C2)
  • Manned/Unmanned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Live Full-Motion Video
  • Theatre Backhaul
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)

Inmarsat’s Global Xpress constellation via Orbit multi-role airborne terminals deliver unparalleled service, support, and network performance. Learn more about the Orbit terminals here.

Aero SwiftBroadband

In-flight Broadband Connectivity

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband is an IP-based, packet-switched high-speed data service offering broadband in-flight connectivity including both cockpit communications and cabin applications. For government and military users, SwiftBroadband provides reliable access to command and control information resources on the ground, facilitating situational awareness. New SwiftBroadband waveforms including XSTREAM and HDR are now commercially available, allowing users to upgrade existing antennas via service bulletins, upgrades allow for data rates in excess of 650 kbps. Channels can be bonded permitting rates in excess 1 Mbps.

SwiftBroadband benefits include:

  • High-throughput speed up to 432 kbps per channel
  • Simultaneous voice & data communications
  • Standalone or simultaneous operation with Inmarsat Aero H/H+ and Swift services
  • GPRS and UMTS compatible
  • High and intermediate gain antennas available (mechanically steered or phase array)
  • Compact, low profile antenna
  • Compliant with ARINC 781

Maritime Fleet Xpress, FleetBroadband, and Fleet One

Broadband and Voice satellite connectivity at sea

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress sets a new standard for maritime connectivity by offering the high data speed enabled by the Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka-band satellite technology. In addition, customers know they can depend on the proven reliability of the FleetBroadband L-band service for mission critical operations. Fleet Xpress guarantees minimum performances and allows shipping companies and operators to improve their business efficiency and performance.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband is based on 3G standards and provides broadband (L-band) satellite connection across the world’s oceans.

  • Standard IP: Up to 432 over a shared channel for email, Internet & intranet access and remote maintenance
  • Streaming IP: Guaranteed on-demand data rates of up to 256 kbps for live video and audio applications and 8 kbps and 16 kbps for voice over IP (VoIP) applications
  • Voice: Up to 9 simultaneous voice lines for bridge and crew communications

Inmarsat Fleet One is specifically designed to meet the low data usage demands that the seasonal/recreational users requires when they move out of VHF or GSM/4G/LTE coverage areas. Users can purchase one of two service plans:

  • Fleet One Global: With one global rate and coverage plan covering any size vessel over the world’s oceans and seas.
  • Fleet One Coastal: For the smaller regional or recreational users for accessing tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions- keeping costs to a minimum. This is available to vessels under 500 gross tonnage.

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

Land and Mobile Satellite connectivity

COMSAT offers Inmarsat BGAN to ensure our end users stay connected from any location around the globe using the Inmarsat-4 network. Using BGAN, personnel and troops can set up a temporary command position at the tactical edge in minutes, first responders and expeditionary forces can rapidly deploy a broadband mobile office in minutes in any condition. Delivering simultaneous voice and broadband data at speeds up to 492 kbps, units in remote areas can maintain contact with HQ, send mission reports, and leverage high speed applications such as video conferencing, document & application sharing, telemedicine, and more.

Inmarsat BGAN features:

  • Simultaneous voice and data capabilities, with data applications at speeds up to 492 kbps
  • Allows field personnel to use a single device for a wide range of service
  • Secure last mile communications via dedicated infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with land-based systems to create a transparent link between in-the-field users and command centers
  • Compatible with IP, voice and ISDN encryption equipment; supports discrete operations with GPS-free features