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COMSAT: Delivering solutions to meet all your maritime communications needs

It is extremely important to stay in touch when out at sea. Whether onboard a cargo or a merchant ship, keeping connected is imperative for both safety and operations. COMSAT has the technology, resources and experience to meet all your maritime needs and allow you to stay connected from ship to shore by accessing the best networks in the market.

COMSAT supports the maritime industry by providing mission critical satellite communications solutions for at sea operations. We help you stay connected using our reliable and secure services. COMSAT offers a broad range of products and convenient services for the maritime industry, including Inmarsat Point of Service Activation (PSA), Accounting Authority (AAIC) services, FleetBroadband, Global Xpress, C-band and Ku-band.

COMSAT offers an immediate compliance path with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) requirement that ship owners and managers must incorporate cyber risk management into safety management systems established by the ISM Code.

COMSAT provides enhanced security for data transmissions, to and from a ship, no matter where that ship is located in the world, by working to detect, prevent and respond to breaches in security. The company identifies patterns or anomalies that indicate data may have been compromised and the firm constantly monitors and reports potentially malicious activity.

We have the complete range of options that support business efficiency and effectiveness and with over 50 years in the satellite communications industry, you can consider us your maritime resource.

Inmarsat Global Xpress
Inmarsat’s Global Xpress delivers seamless, globally available high-speed broadband connectivity from one operator.
Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband enables ship operators, crew and management to run their business more efficiently through a scalable, high-performance, plug-and-play service.
C-Band and Ku-Band
Operating in lower frequency range, C-band coverage is ideal for intercontinental and global communications over land and sea. Ku-band operates in the 12 to 18 GHz frequency range, making it suitable for smaller receiving antenna systems and suitable for maritime-based communications.
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Commercial Maritime
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