Avanti steerable beams available over the US
East Coast this Fall

Bring your own terminal and modem (we have
a number of hub types already available) and
see what the Hylas fleet can do

Contact us at sales@comsat.com to register
interest in testing your hardware on the Avanti
Hylas-4 High Power Satellite

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The 100 Mbps challenge

COMSAT and Avanti are inviting satcom users to test their hardware capabilities on a Hylas-4 steerable beam and take the challenge of achieving 100Mpbs throughput

Indicative beam footprint, can be steered from Florida to Maine

Hylas-4 steerable beams offer unmatched power and frequency with a total of
920 MHz available for each beam

Avanti offers outstanding value for money, lease flexibility and is a modem
and terminal agnostic High Throughput Satellite operator