Ku-nnect Services
Secure, reliable global communications over land, air and sea.

COMSAT offers Ku-nnect service for government and military users.


Ku-nnect is a new ku-band satellite connection service developed by COMSAT to support Government and Military customers’ in-flight operations. This semi-global connection service offers seamless and secure Office in the Sky® services and it is the perfect solution for government leaders and officials involved in national security affairs in need of in-flight connectivity for their missions and operations. Ku-nnect offers Committed Information Rate (CIR) data speeds per aircraft that support network security for applications like video conference, voice calls and email traffic. The Ku-nnect service runs through COMSAT and SpeedCast’s wholly owned teleports ensuring the highest level of Information Assurance. Customer data that passes over Ku-nnect is totally segregated from the public internet.

Ku-nnect Coverage Map
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