Accounting Authority - US11

COMSAT is an independent distributor committed to providing a full-range of industry-best services. As an Accounting Authority, COMSAT is recognized as a provider of services for managing satellite and conventional communications.

COMSAT is officially accredited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to serve as an Accounting Authority for U.S.-flagged devices as well as for the following countries:

Marshall Islands
United States of America

We are constantly adding more. Please inquire.

Inmarsat Point of Service Activation (PSA)

COMSAT is also an approved Inmarsat Point of Service Activation (PSA). As a PSA certified by Inmarsat, COMSAT is authorized by most countries to activate Inmarsat base connectivity services on in flight, on land and at sea.

Andorra Finland New Zealand
Angola France Nicaragua
Argentine Republic Gabon Niger
Ascension Islands Gambia Norway (Non-GMDSS terminals only)
Australia Georgia Papua New Guinea
Austria Ghana Paraguay
Bahamas Gibraltar Rwanda
Bangladesh Greenland Saint Helena
Barbados Grenada Saint Kitts-Nevis
Benin Guatemala Saint Lucia
Bermuda Guinea Serbia
Bhutan Guinea-Bissau Sierra Leone
Bolivia Guyana Slovak Republic
Botswana Hong Kong Slovenia
British Virgin Islands Hungary Solomon Islands
Brunei Darussalam Iceland Somali Democratic Republic
Bulgaria Ireland St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Burkina Faso Ivory Coast Surinam
Canada Jamaica Swaziland
Cape Verde Laos Sweden
Cayman Islands Lebanon Switzerland
Central African Republic Lithuania Tajikistan
Chad Macedonia Togolese
Comoros Madagascar Trinidad & Tobago
Congo (Dem Republic) Mali Tunisia
Congo (Republic of) Malta Turks & Caicos Islands
Cook Islands Marshall Islands Uganda
Czech Republic Mauritania United Kingdom
Denmark Mauritius United States of America
El Salvador Micronesia Vanuatu
Equatorial Guinea Mongolia Venezuela
Eritrea Montserrat Western Samoa
Estonia Nepal Zaire
Ethiopia Netherlands Zimbabwe
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)** Netherlands Antilles

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